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Wellbore - Pipe Protection and Recycling

Quality Reconditioned Thread Protection & Recycling

We are dedicated to environmental protection, safety, and quality.


Help reduce cost and eliminate waste in the OCTG industry with thread protector recovery and recycling.

Thread Protector Recovery

We guarantee that all plastic and metal thread protectors are 100% recycled when participating in our Recovery program. Our customizable service options empower our customers to reduce cost in the OCTG industry while operating environmentally safe jobsites.

360° Program – Recover, Recycle, Reuse

Wellbore’s 360° program allows all users to participate in protecting the environment while also benefiting from economic savings throughout the tubular industry.

Recycled HDPE Plastics

Wellbore supplies reclaimed granulated HDPE plastics processed from Injection molded thread protectors.

Oilfield Thread Protectors

Wellbore Pipe Protection and Recycling regularly conducts comprehensive tests to ensure both our plastic and metal composite thread protectors’ conformance maintain the highest performance standards to the latest industry specifications.

It is essential for tubular companies to purchase quality casing and tool joint thread protectors to keep pipe and other valuable equipment safe through rough handling or extreme weather.  Wellbore Pipe Protection and Recycling has an extensive background of field experience and is constantly integrating new and improved designs.

  • Maximum protection for casing and tool joint threads

  • Maximum protection from moisture intrusion and corrosion

  • Maximum impact protection without deformation during handling and transportation

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Wellbore is an industry lead supplier for Recondition Thread Protectors, New Casing Protectors, New Tool Joint Protectors, Bumper Rings, Regrind HDPE Plastics


Thread Protector Recovery & Recycling

Wellbore Services provides an environmental protection service for the recovery and disposal of used thread protectors in the oil and gas industry. We help our customers to maintain a clean and environmentally safe job site by preventing used contaminated plastic from reaching both city and state regulated landfills.


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“As a buyer of used thread protectors, I am very happy with the quality and availability of products offered by Wellbore.”

Molly B.

Purchasing Agent

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