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What We Provide

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Standard API casing connections manufactured according to API 5CT 9th Edition.

Wellbore supplies new thread protector products manufactured from our in-house recycled HDPE plastic thread protectors. We provide the highest level of quality protection at the lowest cost for production.  

Quality Reconditioned Thread Connectors

Quality tested, economic thread protection. 

When you need dependable, inexpensive thread protection fast. We offer reliable high-quality reconditioned thread protectors at low economic value. 


Tool Joint

New and Reconditioned Quality Protection.

Wellbore offers many types of drill pipe and tool joint thread protectors designed to protect and cover the entire thread form and seal for both internal (Box/Plug) and external (Pin/Cap) thread applications.  

Reclaimed HDPE Plastic

Bulk clean shredded chip plastic.

Wellbore – Pipe Protection and Recycling supplies shredded HDPE plastic for the use of plastic molding and extrusion. We provide bulk shipment options in both 1100 lbs palletized containers or 1400 lbs bottom spout super sacks.  

Pipe Protection Accessories

Bumper Rings, and Pipe Chocks

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