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  • What type of official environmental recognition can our company be eligible to receive?
    In Texas, you potentially qualify for recognition under the Annual Waste Reduction Program administered by the TCEQ Clean Texas Program
  • How does the 360° program accountability report work?
    The concept of the 360° recycling program is such that whomever generated the waste (used protectors) is responsible from time thread protectors are removed from casing and drill pipe, to disposal. We provide you with the documentation detailing the environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of your protector waste, giving you full accountability and traceability with the relevant regulatory authorities.
  • Does the recycling of used thread protectors allow for annual tax credits?
    Specific tax dollar amounts are not currently available. Customers at times can deduct the rental fee of our storage containers under recycling equipment exemptions. Wellbore strongly suggest our customers consult with professional state and federal tax agents to better understand any tax benefits given for the use of recycled equipment.
  • Are there any other options for onsite protector storage besides the recovery bins?
    We strongly encourage the use of metal storage containers for maximum storage, safety, and additional environmental protection. However, we also sell thread protector storage bags or super sacks.
  • How does Wellbore reporting documentation benefit us?
    Every large-quantity generator of industrial waste is required to submit an annual plan for reducing waste in the calendar year. Wellbore’s protector recovery program qualifies for this reduction plan. Our consolidated documentation can be used to report on this directly, as all waste monitoring by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is done on a tonnage basis.
  • Will we be responsible for moving the storage container to and from each drilling location?
    Yes, our customers use 3rd party contractors to move the thread protector storage bin along with the rig move.
  • What are the main benefits of recycling our thread protectors?
    The benefits to using Wellbore’s protector recovery program are increased quality control, safe and clean jobsites, document recording, and a depth of customizable service options. Every used thread protector entering our program is guaranteed to be 100% recycled and kept out of local and state landfills. In addition to protecting the environment, there is 100% traceability of all thread protector waste generated by the oil and gas customer. (See the links for samples.) The benefits of our recovery program go beyond corporate image. We provide a legal documented solution to recycling used thread protectors under the State Railroad Commission Article C-3 and F-19. We also recondition used thread protectors and return them to the tubular industry. The benefits to using reconditioned thread protectors for tubular transport and storage are highly economical for both tubular threading facilities and tubular purchasing end-users.
  • How are all non-reusable thread protectors disposed of?
    Our facility is equipped with a 60HP shredder that breaks used thread protectors down into reclaimed usable plastics. We supply these reclaimed plastics to manufactures of new thread protectors and bumper rings.
  • On average, how often do you empty recovery bins from a well site?
    There are typically two pick-ups per well for casing and production strings. Our drivers cordinate with on-site company personnel to establish either a 15- or 30-day pickup cycle based on each unit’s drilling speed.
  • How does the Wellbore Used Thread Protector Recovery Program Work?
    We provide our customers with one of two types of storage options, super sacks or a metal bin, for the safe and efficient storage of used thread protectors. Super sacks are removed from location and metal bins are routinely emptied. Used thread protectors are then transported to our recyclingfacility for processing, reconditioning and recycling. In addition to the removal and disposal of used thread protectors, we provide our recovery customers with detailed waste manifests andannual waste reduction reports as documented proof of recycle. These documents server as useful tools to our customers when advertising green solutions and applying for future drilling permits.
  • Is Wellbore – Pipe Protection and Recycling an approved recycler for these products, and through what agency/agencies?
    Wellbore’s facility follows all environmental certifications and standards for both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ). We can be researched on the TCEQ central registry database as an approved recycler of used thread protectors / solid waste under Registration # 96372.
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