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Pipe Protection Recovered

Wellbore – Pipe Protection and Recycling operations facility in Goodrich, TX is a uniquely designed recycling plant that specializes in the safe storage of used, contaminated, field grade thread protectors. We work with multiple pipe transporters, pipe inspectors, pipe threaders, O&G company operators, drilling operators, and land owners to ensure thread protectors are never placed into landfills.

Our goal is to provide all end users of plastic and metal thread protectors with an outlet to return used field grade protectors back into the tubular industry. 

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Pipe Protection Recycled

Reconditioning – Is the method which all reusable thread protectors are placed into a clean and inspected process; Our clean and inspect program is operated and recorded under a certified ISO 9001:2015 (Link to PDF) procedure for quality control. All protectors that pass this procedure are declared reusable per original API specifications and are then packaged for recycle and distribution to the tubular industry.

Reclaim Granulation – Is the method we use for protectors that do not pass our clean and inspect process and are recorded as a nonconformance item. At this stage of the program all nonconformance materials are placed into our onsite shredder and processed into reusable regrind HDPE plastics and returned to theplastics manufacturing industry. 

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Pipe Protection Reused

Whether used thread protectors are reconditioned for reuse or reclaimed for plastics manufacturing, Wellbore ensures all used thread protectors are 100% recycled. Reconditioned thread protectors and reclaimed granulates provide benefits to the tubular industry by providing quality protectors and plastics at lower cost for production. 

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