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New API Casing Protectors

Standard API casing connections manufactured according to API 5CT 9th Edition.

Wellbore supplies new thread protector products manufactured from our in-house recycled HDPE plastic thread protectors. We provide the highest level of quality protection at the lowest cost for production.  

Wellbore offers different levels of protection to accommodate the varying environments of transport and storage. Light Duty, Medium Duty, and Heavy Duty plastic options offer a different degree of protection at the right price. 

  • Light Duty =   Light Duty Thread Protector is a lightweight protection for casing and tubing pipe. Our light duty solutions are ideal for less demanding applications such as short-term transportation and storage. 

  • Medium Duty = Our Medium-Duty Thread Protector is a heavier and more durable alternative to the Light-Duty Thread Protector. This product can be used for both long-term transportation and storage. 

  • Heavy Duty =  The Heavy-Duty Thread Protector provides the most rugged protection for transportation and storage of a broad range of tubular goods. This product is best suited for rail card and vessel transport. 

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